Patient Testimonials

Pain free

Having been in the dental field I am very picky about who does my cleanings and dental work. This whole office does a great job. DR. was efficient and quick, Lulu the best, Meleen very helpful with a problematic insurance company. Kim and Tanya always cheerful. It’s refreshing to see a staff that enjoys working together.

D. Davenport

Dr. Susan Weinberg’s dental office is such a relaxing enjoyable environment to be in while waiting for your appointment and while getting your work done. Each time I go to get my teeth cleaned, Molly makes it so fun! She takes the time to ask about my family. I just love talking about our kids!!! It’s rare when you get to laugh at your dentist office and enjoy your time there despite having to get work done! I just love their cookies and coffee, too!! The whole team is wonderful!!! Keep up the good work you guys!!!Thanks,Dena Davenport

Brushing Monkey

Dr. Weinberg is one of those dentists that is so nice that she attracts other nice people. Everyone in her office is so nice and friendly. Kim and Meleen are on it like a bonnet as soon as you call. Lulu taught me more in one session about tooth care than any other dental hygienist i have ever been to. Tanya has everything under control from the time you get in the door, to the time you leave the door. It’s worth a drive from Vancouver or Woodburn!